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Gentle Plea: Long content for you to read yet its flavors are powerful and interesting.

Since you’re here I can sense this from you-

You probably have a dream of making your living online. More of an entrepreneurial mindset and a dream to build a successful blog.

Or came here in search of some inspirational capsule to suppress the environment that’s making you low.

Looking for a platform to burst out your creative arts in creating powerful content, promote your business or willing to craft whatever it takes.

Did I get it on your track? If YES then you’re in the right place. 

Give me Hi 5! Yay! Updatepreneur is all about inspiration, supporting entrepreneurs to create powerful content, blogger to set a blog.

So, Here is what you can get it from Updatepreneur;

  • Website/blog set up step-by-step guide
  • Blogging Tips
  • How to drive traffic to your website
  • Developing an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Advanced and Basic WordPress Guide, SEO
  • Marketing your content/Social marketing tips
  • Updates about the latest digital tools
  • Monetizing your blog and Make money from your blog
  • Online marketing tips and resources for entrepreneurs
    Wait, don’t be carried away with these benefit only, note this too. Updatepreneur is open to everyone with any kind of blog/website.
Man behind Updatepreneur
My name is Endup Lepcha, The founder of Updatepreneur.
Let's Stay Connected. Click the Icon below to connect me.
Hi, My name is Endup Lepcha, The founder of Updatepreneur. Let’s Stay Connected. Click the Icon below to connect me.

Well introducing you, I am the man behind Updatepreneur, My name is Endup Lepcha. I wanted to do well in life and be somebody that my parents, country and the world could be proud of.

Yes, this obsession has led me to explore further and kindled my interest in learning against odds in my life.
Hardship has taught great life-lesson that there is no shortcuts to success. Discovered a smart tool, one must strive to do the best.

Umm Let me reveal this to you only as you become part of Updatepreneur, I haven’t had the parental love and guidance like other fortunate fellow people I met the most. Yet the positive disposition has got me going thus far, the entrepreneur journey.
Have learned to be a positive person and bear a positive perspective of anything. 
Claiming proudly- I’m living my life as expected and I wanna keep this journey a go. 


Updatepreneur-How It all Started

It was in 2015, Just graduated from high school. Had no work to do on vacation, something insisted me out of nowhere to start writing and publishing online, Yes, I am passionate about writing.

Limited to resources-had no idea how and where to publish besides Facebook. Out of curiosity I picked up my Android and started surfing the web for an hour about publishing the content online. 

I came across blogging- made further research and decided to write in this platform. Heck, I had no idea on how to start a blog, know nothing about it. I kept striving to quench the thirst of my passion for writing. It took me a year to start my blogging journey.

I started blogging to craft my passion for writing, learning, and sharing. I wasn’t even sure blogging would rapidly be my obsession. 

Started on BlogSpot and Wix platform -had some issues due to its limitation. Within a year I moved to WordPress. Started with fun, writing random stuff. Which I later realized that I was not blogging, rather wasting my energy, no hard feeling you learn something though.

I’ve discovered the power of blogging- the best medium to share knowledge, connect with people and how to make money online. Crazy, right? But… But things are not easier said than done, you gotta sweat a lot buddy. Make a start, keep the consistency and patience mode on-the magic will unfold soon.

Yo, That is all about Endup Lepcha- started from zero to hero with this journey and more to go. Cheer!

A little about Updatepreneur
I started this Updatepreneur with a goal to help aspiring entrepreneur, blogger, individual and beginners who’re running out of the track to fulfill their dream. I’ve been through the newbie journey, damm! I know what it feels like. 

As mentioned earlier, here in Updatepreneur I share my knowledge on how to turn your blog into a business and applicable resources.

I value selflessness-Updatepreneur offer the platform to publish your content and win an amazing token of gratitude back. Check the Guest Post for more.

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